7 Must-Have Dog Items

We fur mamas love to spoil our fur babies. I’m always on the hunt for the best toys, treats, food, bowls, collars, leashes, shampoos, and dog beds.  I’ve come across some of the best (and affordable) dog products that I want to share with other fur parents! These are also great items to consider if you’re looking to adopt a fur baby in the near future

1.  Double Handle Dog Leash– For those of us who have large fur babies, sometimes it’s hard to reel our pups in when walking them in a crowded place or when we see someone walking down the same block as us who doesn’t seem comfortable passing a larger dog. This leash has two handles, one at the end of the leash and one towards the bottom. The top one gives your dog freedom to roam around on the leash and the bottom one is to keep your pup at the ‘heal’ position where your pup would be walking close to you by your side. This was actually my parent’s leash so I’m not 100% sure where it came from, but I found a similar one on Amazon for you guys!

2. Natural Choice Crunchy Dog Treats– I purchase these bags at our local Petsmart. I love them because they’re small, the ingredient list is all natural, and they make great training treats for when you want to teach your pup new tricks!

3. Farmina– I was on the hunt for a great dog food brand that was high in protein and kept our pup feeling full for longer periods of time. Farmina is an awesome brand for any breed of dog! They have all natural ingredients and have different flavors if your pup is a picky eater.

4. Slow Feeder Bowl– Gus loves to chow down fast. It got to the point where he was throwing up after eating because he was basically inhaling his food. I bought him a slow feeder bowl off of Amazon and it was the best decision I ever made! No more upset tummy!

5. Rubber Collar– When I was on the hunt for the perfect collar I wanted to make sure it was rubber and not fabric so it wouldn’t stink. I bought this one off of Amazon and I love it! We’ve had it for about 1 year now and it’s still in wonderful condition.

6. Dry Shampoo– Gus hates taking baths. It’s actually a chore that Zach and I dread doing because he will try to fight us the whole time and try to run away. Sometimes he’ll succeed and we end up running around the house chasing a wet dog. When he starts to stink we’ll spray him with dry shampoo and brush it in. Saves us time (and water!)

7. Kong Bed– After going through multiple dog beds, the Kong Bed has been the best bed we’ve bought. It’s big for large breeds and the cover comes off so you can wash it! No more bad dog smell!

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