2018 Fall Mini Sessions

If I am being completely honest, I was SO nervous to host my first fall mini session shoot. I spent weeks figuring out the perfect location and perfect setup. All of the worry and stress definitely paid off with the way everything turned out!

The start of my creative process was deciding what I wanted to bring to the table. What was something I could do differently? What would make me stand out from other photographers? That’s when it clicked — a couch in the middle of the woods! I spent a couple of days researching couches online. I didn’t want something big or expensive, and I definitely didn’t want something heavy. That’s when I found this adorable couch by Joss&Main! A little love seat for only $200? SOLD! The shipping was fast and the couch was very easy to assemble.

Next was planning the decor to surround the couch. Once again, I didn’t want to spend too much money because I would only be using these items for one day. I tried my best to find inexpensive crates on Facebook Marketplace, but no luck. I ended up going to Michael’s and buying crates I stained myself at home. Next, I knew I wanted to put pumpkins in and around them. Zach and I made a trip to Hastings, MN and found a TON of pumpkins sold by local farmers. I bought all of my pumpkins for only $20! Cheap decor AND supporting local farmers? WIN!


Because 90% of my mini session clients were families with small children, I wanted to make a little ‘kids corner’ for them. One of my friends (shoutout to you, Abby!) had leftover haybales from a previous photoshoot and gave them to me for free! I then went to Target and purchased a couple of throw blankets, one to incorporate in the couch set up, and one to incorporate on the kid’s corner. I chose to put a crate down and a blanket over the crate/haybale in the kid’s corner because I wanted the kids to not only sit up higher but sit on something that was soft and comfortable.


Music was streaming throughout the evening and my clients enjoyed hot apple cider after we completed their session. Everyone had a blast and I had an amazing time photographing all of these beautiful families. I hope learning about my thought process inspires you to get creative with your next shoot!

Now, here are a few of my favorite images from my fall mini sessions:





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