Ladies: How to Prepare for your Senior Photos

Senior photos are an important part of high school. It’s the first photoshoot you’ve probably ever done by yourself and it can be nerve-wracking being in front of the camera. Here is a list of tips and tricks to make sure you’re confident walking into your senior session!

Nails: Nails are so small, but make ALL of the difference. Chances are, your photographer will have you put your hands on/next to your face at some point in your session. You don’t want to have chipped nail polish or dirty nails. Get them professionally done or keep them clean and maintained.

Hair: I will always recommend that my clients wear their hair down. If you have a particular way that you like to style your hair, do that for your photos. If you aren’t quite set on a hairstyle, go to a trusted hairstylist and ask them to do some different hairstyles on you until you find the right one.

Makeup: Going light and natural with makeup is the best. If you’re having trouble deciding what makeup works best for you, hire a makeup artist to do your makeup on the day of your shoot!

Outfit: Outfits can be the HARDEST part when preparing for senior photos. Make sure you’re choosing outfits that compliment your body type and I recommend choosing a simple outfit (i.e. nice jeans and a blouse) and a dressy outfit (i.e. a flowy dress with wedges). If you can’t decide on an outfit, ask your photographer! They know what colors and outfit combinations will photograph the best.

Shave: Ladies, shave those legs and pits! Especially if you’re wearing an outfit that shows off your armpits or legs. And remember, always exfoliate your legs with a body scrub before shaving!

Choosing a location: When choosing your location, choose a place where you feel most like yourself. For me, I love being inside the studio and being outside in nature. Therefore, I would tell my photographer that I want to do half of my session in the studio and the other half at a nearby park or trail.

Personal items: Look back and think about what your favorite parts of high school were. Did you make academic achievements? Were you on your school’s soccer team? Captain of the speech club? Incorporate those elements into your photos! Whether that’s wearing a letter jacket, your team’s jersey, or bringing a soccer ball! Think outside of the box and really make your shoot you!

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