How to Hire a Photographer


  1. Define your project. What do types of photos do you need? New headshots? Wedding photos? Photos of your dog? Family photos?
  2. Figure out the style of photography you like. The best way to do this is by searching ‘family photos’ or ‘wedding photos’ on Pinterest, or whatever type of photos that pertain to your project. When scrolling through images on Pinterest pay attention to the editing. Are the photos warm, cold, true to life, light, dark? Are the subjects posed or laughing in the moment? You’ll soon find out what style you like.
  3. Next is finding a photographer. Google ‘family photographers in Minneapolis’ or ‘Minnesota wedding photographers’. Another great search engine is Instagram. Use hashtags like #MinnesotaPhotographer or #MinneapolisWeddingPhotographer to help find local photographers. You’ll find photographers in seconds, but keep in mind the editing style and posing you like when browsing.
  4. Once you find a photographer you love, it’s time to hire them! The best way to connect to a photographer is by sending them a message through their contact form on their website.
  5. Next up are packages and pricing. The photographer will send over their pricing guide. Now, remember cheap photography isn’t good and good photography isn’t cheap. If the photographer you love is a little out of your price range, ask the photographer if they offer payment plans (most will say yes!).
  6. What package should I book? Almost all photographers will base their packages around time. If you’re unsure about the package you think is right for you, ask the photographer their thoughts on what you should book. If a family with young children wants to book me for family portraits, I will advise the client to book my 30-minute package or my 1- hour package. Anything beyond an hour is often too long because kids most likely become restless.
  7. Know how many photos you’ll be receiving. This will fall into pricing and packages. Most photographers set their prices based on experience and the number of images given in return once the session is over. The more images you get in return, the better!
  8. Choose a location for your session. If you can’t think of a particular spot to have your photoshoot, ask your photographer for recommendations. If you want photos taken inside a studio, ask your photographer if they have a studio or is able to rent one for your session. If they have to rent a studio space for your session, your costs might be higher.
  9. Know when your images will be sent to you. If you need your photos back by a certain time, let your photographer know and see if they can edit and deliver your images by the time you need them. Turnaround time should be stated in the contract. If there isn’t a contract in place, you might want to look elsewhere. Contracts keep you and the photographer on the same page with what to expect before, during, and after your session.
  10. Relax, have fun, and smile!



  1. What types of photos do you need?
  2. Find a photography style you like.
  3. Find a photographer with a similar style in your area.
  4. Message that photographer to see if they’re available.
  5. Look at the photographer’s packages and prices.
  6. Identify the package you want to book.
  7. Know how many images you’re getting in return (the more, the better!)
  8. Choose the location of your shoot.
  9. Know your photographer’s turnaround time.
  10. Sign the contract and have fun at your session!

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