Choosing Your Bridal Party

Choosing who’s going to stand by your side on your special day is a daunting task. I remember choosing my wedding party in the fall of 2017 after Zach and I got engaged and feeling torn, it was a mentally straining task. Remember that the people you choose to stand by your side have a major responsibility. They will need to sacrifice evenings, days, and even weekends to help you plan/celebrate your upcoming marriage. They will be the deciding factor if the wedding planning process will be a breeze or frustrating. Be extremely selective with who you choose. If you’re having difficulty deciding who you choose to be in your bridal party, I developed a system that can help.

What is the system I made you ask? It’s a series of statements. But before you start answering the statements, I’ll need you to write down every single person you’re considering being part of your bridal party, this includes family as well. Read each statement then put a check-mark next to the names to which that statement applies. Ready? Here we go!

  1. This person has stuck with me through the hard times in my life.
  2. This person always encourages me to be my best self.
  3. I feel positive around this person.
  4. This person’s presence makes me calm.
  5. This person can make me smile or giggle no matter what.
  6. This person sticks up for me.
  7. I can call this person at any time if I needed help or advice.
  8. This person has supported my relationship with my fiancé from the very beginning.
  9. This person will support my wedding planning decisions.
  10. I can rely on this person to show up to wedding-related appointments.
  11. This person knows my taste.
  12. I have complete faith that this person would plan my bridal shower.

After the check-marks have been made, I think it’ll be obvious who you should ask to be in your party. Remember, it’s okay to invite friends and family as guests instead of having them in your bridal party. If they’re truly there for you and your fiancé, they should be honored to be part of your special day no matter what.

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