Elopement + Wedding Photographer

I'm Emma Halet. Your mentor, friend, and

Why invest in mentoring?

hey, photographer!

Mentoring can give you great inside perspective of the photography world. It’s easy to feel like you’re Nemo swimming in this great big sea by yourself, let me help you with finding your way and getting you on the right track to becoming successful!

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My photography level is...

$100/ 1.5 hours

I want to learn how to properly use my camera ⟶

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Learning your camera, lenses, and lighting are crucial to becoming a successful photographer. Getting your photos perfect in frame makes the editing process a breeze. Let me teach you how to use your gear or recommend different brands of cameras/lenses.

$200/ 2 hours

I want to learn how to pose couples and families ⟶

We’ll go over how to use your settings as well as go out and photograph a couple together! I’ll show you what I look for when posing couples and how I frame them.

$300/ 2.5 hours

I want to learn the business side ⟶

The business of photography can be very tricky. There’s so much to think about when it comes to being your own boss. Let’s sit down and go over the basics of business, hone in on your brand, clean up your workflow. and make a business plan for you! I’ll also update your headshots for you!

1, 2, and 3 full package: $450.